Get Ready to Run! Tips to Prepare for the Employee Virtual 5k

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Get ready to run with our top 5 fitness tips to help you prepare for the upcoming Alteon Health Virtual 5k & 1 Mile Fun Walk.

1) Preparation is key.

You need to prepare if you plan on running 3.1 miles. Incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your workouts will help your body prepare for longer runs.

For example, alternate between running fast for 2 minutes then lowering your speed for 1-2 minutes. One study found that five weeks of HIIT workouts performed four days per week for 20 minutes each session improved oxygen consumption by 9%1.

2) Drink water.

Water is so important! Most of us don’t drink enough. Dehydration can cause your heart rate to increase and make your run more challenging.

  • 2 Hours Pre-Run
    • Drink 16-24 oz. water
  • 15-30 Min Pre-Run:
    • Drink 8-16 oz. water
  • Post Run:
    • Re-hydrate! Water helps you recover.

3) Pace yourself. 

It’s important to keep a consistent pace for the first 1-2 miles of your run.

Your goal is to run your second half of the race faster than the first.

Listen to your body!

4) Eat several hours before your run. 

Try to avoid running on a full stomach! If you like to eat before your run, choose carbohydrates that are low in fiber. Keep your meal simple. For example: Whole grain toast with jam, oatmeal topped with fruit, or a banana with nut butter.

5) Have fun!

Enjoy your run! Make a fun playlist, grab a family member/friend, bring your dog.


About the Author

You may know Arianna Gency as a Senior Clinical Talent Recruiter at Alteon Health, but did you know that she’s also a passionate fitness pro?

“There aren’t many things I love more than being in a gym!” says Arianna. “Growing up with older brothers, lifting weights and doing push-ups was a daily thing for me. My biggest passion is encouraging others with their fitness goals and watching them exceed their expectations. I think exercise is the best medicine!”

Arianna earned her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science at Ashland University and teaches group exercises classes as a certified Pure Barre and Power Sculpt instructor. Reach her via email at


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